Education Kits

BlueBerrity® uses kits to help emergent learning through creative outlets.

How many times have you seen a young child receive a toy, just to put it aside and play with the box?  BlueBerrity® kits harness children’s creative drive to enhance early learning while making it fun!

Kits all include an easy to decorate box, a book to help early readers and writers, an educational activity, and some fun stickers to decorate the box and book.


Emergent readers use prior knowledge to interpret words:

Ask your child, “What are some of the things you like in the Spring?”

Your child can interact with the book by reading, coloring, or matching the pictures to words.

High Frequency Words and Letter Sounds

Familiarity with words that are frequently seen in written text can help emergent readers.  Likewise, common letter – sound combinations can help as well. BlueBerrity® kits are designed to reinforce these proven learn to read strategies.

Math Concepts

                Use games and drawing to introduce math concepts.  Early math students can use familiar objects like foam dice to become familiar with numbers.